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A related family of hard working, passionate millennials with old-school ethics and integrity. Focused on leading as a supplier in the aerospace and defense industry for commercial and military sectors. We know the importance of customer service excellence and quality trumps all. All we ask for is an opportunity to prove ourselves to you.

Who we are

S3 Aerospace is a Value Adding Supplier for the Aerospace & Defense Industry. A Woman-Owned, Small Business that is family managed and operated in Long Island, New York. We are an Authorized distributor supplying Hardware, Electronics, Aircraft / Vehicle Spares, and various other Consumable commodities purchased directly from the OEM’s and Franchised partners. S3 Aerospace specializes in numerous Value Adding Services, including Export/Import compliance to ship globally. One of our many niche markets include handling the logistics of Overhauling and Repairing components with the approved manufacturers and repair facilities through our global supply chain.

We are building an organization accompanied by extremely passionate people dedicated to continuous process improvement and exemplary customer service. With more than 8 years of experience within the Aerospace and Defense sector, locating, purchasing, warehousing and delivering customers the highest quality products. S3 understands the importance of maintaining the most cost effective lean measures as well as delivering on time, all while maintaining superior quality and first-class customer service.

As a complete procurement solutions organization dedicated to servicing our customers, S3 Aerospace is in this for long-term relationships. Our team at S3 Aerospace has the knowledge, experience, dedication and solutions to house any task tailored to suit all customers purchasing requirements.

Message from the President

With a swiftly evolving sector, like commercial and military aerospace, the marketplace demands for lean practices from the ground up. From production, R&D, purchasing, warehousing, value adds, expediting and logistics to name a few. The industry needs to cut costs and inventory all while retaining excellent quality and timely delivery.

The continuous improvement practices and a lean business mindset is not only critical for the industry and our customers, but to us here at S3 Aerospace. I think you are only as good as your suppliers. Responsiveness, agility and simply that we care sets S3 apart from the rest.

We look forward to bringing our ability in purchasing, supply chain management and value adding services for you to utilize and benefit towards your programs and projects. Thank you for the opportunity, business and continued support in S3 Aerospace services.

Looking forward,

Alysia Busra Sevindik

Message from the Vice President

I began in the Aerospace industry back in 2008 and it changed my life. I was able to do international business with really great people. With intense growing passion for the industry and to deliver the best of myself to my customers, I started putting in long hours throughout the years to learn about the industry from all angles. From manufacturers, prime/subcontractors, distributors, resellers to end users. This vastly helped me understand how each business model works their everyday challenges and specific needs.

Having worked with many of the top contractors and OEM’s within the industry globally, I gained knowledge and expertise in many large programs/projects involving many unique platforms. Diversifying my knowledge on all platforms ranging from aircraft, helicopters, ground vehicles, naval vessels, sonar systems, space systems and simulators for both commercial and military sectors.

S3 Aerospace is here to build a versatile, passionate and unique team. As a team, we are ready to help build what we know the industry needs as a super supplier, while embracing unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction. With our dedicated team at S3 Aerospace we have set out to bring the exemplary customer service and reliability that not only do you need, but you deserve.


Pamir Murat Sener

Alysia Busra Sevindik



Pamir Murat Sener

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